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Which vacuum is better, Shark or Dyson?

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Which vacuum is better Shark or DysonShark and Dyson are among the most popular vacuum brands on the market, and it’s for a good reason. Both brands produce vacuum cleaners designed to make cleaning easier, quicker, and highly effective.

What’s more, both Shark and Dyson vacuum do deliver excellent cleaning performance and straightforward usability. And you know what, these two companies offer all types of vacuum cleaners from cordless, corded, upright, stick, canister, robotic and more.

In short, they both offer a one-stop-shop for all types of vacuum cleaners. However, even though they offer similar products, some differences bring us to the question; which vacuum is better, Shark or Dyson? This post will break down the whole concept into sections to help decide on the best vacuum between the two. Let’s jump right in!

Shark or Dyson: Types of Vacuum Cleaners

As mentioned above, these two brands offer a variety of vacuum cleaners. The main category is the corded and corded vacuum cleaners. How do these two types compare?

A. Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Both Shark and Dyson focus on the premium end of the cordless vacuum cleaners. Their models tend to be quite costly, around $250, and more. They come packed with top-notch features for an excellent performance. The cordless models tend to replace the traditional upright vacuum cleaners. That’s why Dyson Handheld vac covert from upright cleaning vac.

Cordless vacuum cleaner

Dyson cordless vacuums’ key features are auto-clean available in top models only, power trigger, dust-ejecting bin, and digital display with a real-time battery countdown, available in V11. On the other hand, the Shark cordless models feature a flexible hinge, swappable batteries, lift-away unit, LED lights, anti-hair floor head, and dual brush floor head.

What’s more intriguing about Shark is, you get more flashy features on their lower-priced cordless models, including LED lights, hinged cleaning tube,s and more. They tend to be heavier. However, all the weight is on their bulky floor head; you won’t feel the effect unless you’re lifting the whole unit.

Something good about Dyson Cordless models is, on their higher-priced vacuum cleaners, you get the latest technology that includes automatic cleaning mode that switches settings when you move from one-floor type to the other.

Which is better?

Both Dyson and Shark offer a set of user-friendly features. However, when it comes to the cleaning power, Dyson stick cordless vacuums have more power than the Shark Stick Cordless vacuum. When it comes to the cordless handheld model, the Shark models are more preferred than Dyson. Why?

The Dyson handheld models are gotten by converting a stick vacuum to the handheld. But with Shark models, the vacuum cleaner is purposely designed to be a handheld model. According to customer reviews, these units offer excellent suction compared to the Dyson models.

B. Corded Vacuum Cleaners

Shark is the king when it comes to a corded vacuum cleaner. The fact is, Dyson is no longer producing new corded models; they have switched focus to cordless technology, improving it to match most cordless cleaning power. Nevertheless, they continue to sell their already designed corded models, such as the Dyson Ball Animal 2. Most of these models feature a ball design, cyclone technology, anti-topple cylinder, and allergy filtration.

corded vacuum cleaner

Shark, on the other hand, do focus exclusively on bagless upright corded vacuums. And you know what, Shark has the most extensive ranges around. Their models feature lift-away canister, LED headlights, dual brush floor head, and anti-hair-wrap floor head. You’re also more likely to get flashy features on the shark range.

Which is better?

As I mentioned, Dyson is not venturing into new corded vacuum cleaners. However, their already designed models are quite versatile but mostly canister models. The brands keep things more straightforward and integrate tech to make life simpler. It’s a perfect choice if you need a heavy-duty or commercial vacuum cleaner.

Shark corded vacuum cleaners produce slimmer and versatile cordless vac and cheaper. And the best part is their dust canister while using a flexible tube to vacuum the stairs. Using these models makes it a less awkward balancing act. They offer an ideal vacuum cleaner for use in homes and apartments.

Shark or Dyson: Weight & Mobility

Most of the Dyson vacuum cleaners are super mobile with their lightweight design. The light body and the cordless operation offer excellent mobility allowing you to clean almost anything, from floor to the ceiling. Some of these models come with vehicle upholstery that is handheld.

Shark, on the other hand, offers something close but also far apart. Their models come with a large dustbin that handles all the cleaning with less emptying without sacrificing the lightweight design. A larger dirt bin might seem a convenient design when cleaning, but as you can imagine, the design affects mobility, especially with stairs.

In terms of mobility, most people prefer Dyson for the lightweight, cordless design. Another thing, most of their handheld models come with a compact, ultra-light design that makes cleaning small and above-floor surfaces seamless.

Shark or Dyson: Price

There is no much debate regarding price, as Dyson vacuums pricing is all over the roof. As I aforementioned, Shark vacuum cleaners come with a bit friendly prices compared to their Dyson counterparts.

However, that doesn’t mean you should consider buying Shark vacuum cleaners over the Dyson models. Dyson is a brand that concentrates on premium models with more emphasis on utility, quality, and durability.

If the price is a huge consideration for your buying decision, then Shark pricing is more realistic and friendly. But, if you’re not limited to a budget and not thinking of any compromises, Dyson vacuum cleaner is the way to go.

Shark or Dyson: Warranty

A product warranty is crucial, especially if you’re considering using your hard-earned money to invest in a vacuum cleaner. When it comes to warranty, Dyson offers a 5-year warranty. Shark, on the other hand, provides a 7-year warranty for all its popular models.

Dyson skimps the warranty to 2 years for the cordless models, and Shark does the same only that their cordless vacuum cleaners get a 5-year warranty. That means Shark vacuums are well covered compared to Dyson’s.

Shark or Dyson: Which is Right for You?

When you compare similar models, finding the Shark and Dyson vacuum cleaners’ critical differences becomes easier. It makes it easier to determine the model that meets your needs best.

When to Buy a Shark Vacuum over a Dyson Vacuum

Shark brand is a company that offers premium vacuuming experience for friendly prices as compared to Dyson. Most of the market brands today charge about the same as what Shark offers for the same models. With Shark, the significant difference is that you get to enjoy a premium experience closer to an entry-level price.

What’s more, their corded vacuum cleaners are quite powerful and deliver excellent suctioning without losing power. This is a problem you might find with most of the cordless models, including those of Dyson.

When to Buy a Dyson Vacuum over a Shark Vacuum

With the Dyson vacuum’s first impression as a status symbol rather than a household item, most people run far from the brand. Today, the brand and its technologies have improved a lot.

Their pricing table is being stabilized to match most people’s budgets. And you know what, the price value of their name increases their pricing. If you need a premium feel and luxury experience while you vacuum, a Dyson vacuum cleaner might be your choice.

Shark or Dyson: Common Complaints

Like any product in the market, Dyson and Shark vacuums receive common complaints about their functionality, reliability, and durability.


Most of the Shark vacuums’ complaints tend to go against the suction department. Most users report that Shark vacuums tend to struggle with regaining exceptional extraction power as it was initially.

Some people complained of the vacuum cleaners losing suction as they get old even with the maintenance done right.

Quality and durability issues have also been red-flagged. Some customers complained of some parts and pieces of the Shark vacuums made cheaply and breaking easily.


Dyson brand complaints are more about losing suction while cleaning rather than losing it with age. Customers report an issue of the Dyson vacuums not breathing as well as they did during the cleaning. Others also complained of the suction power not returning to normal even after cleaning the pipes and filters.

There are also complaints about the onboard attachment being hard to manage and inconvenient to use at times. The pricing is also a significant complaint, with most users expecting a more powerful unit than other brands.


Which vacuum is better, Shark or Dyson? The answer can only be answered by asking yourself whether you want to invest now or plan to make it later? Shark vacuums are highly comparable to Dyson models as there are better entry-price, with most of them offered with discounts at retail shops. Dyson, on the other hand, is more about premium and luxurious feel from start to finish.

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