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What are the different types of vacuum cleaners?

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What are the different types of vacuum cleaners is a question that comes in mind every time a beginner wants to buy one or when an old user want to upgrade. Dust and debris are major reasons why vacuum cleaners have existed since the 19th century and have continued to be developed day by day. They have become very common and easy to find, even in the nearest local shop. They are designed with powerful suction and can tilt, making it easier to move forward in the direction that you want. This post is here to discuss all the types of vacuum cleaners and where they are best suited.

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Various Types of Vacuum Cleaners:

Many homeowners, especially those that their floors have carpets, have vacuum cleaners as that is the best way to clean their floors. From height-adjustable, bagless, and even bagged options, you can choose a vacuum that will best suit your home. You can even purchase one that is cordless if you want one that is very flexible. If it is your first time looking for a vacuum cleaner, it cannot be evident. Below are the various types of vacuum cleaners you can find today:

Handheld vacuum cleaners

These types of vacuum cleaners are minimal and powerful; they are designed for more effortless pickup and transfer to the mess’s location. They are mostly cordless hence you can go with them anywhere that you want. If you prefer more power, then getting a corded one will suit you best. However, it will limit how far it can go without transferring it to a different plug.

These vacuums are great for many functions as they can be used to clean cars, small messes on the floor, and even your furniture. If your vehicle has an adapter, then with this model, your vehicle will always be clean. Handheld vacuums were made to replace dustpans and brooms but will not adequately clean large rooms. If you make a small mess, you don’t have to go for your large vacuum. Instead, you can use this, and it will be an easy fix.

Cordless vacuum cleaners

If you want to move around without any restrictions freely, then getting a vacuum cleaner that does not have any cords will be best for you. They are lighter and slim in design when you compare them to a corded vacuum. This type of vacuum is excellent for those elderly and any other weak person who cannot handle heavier vacuum cleaners. Their main problem is that they use battery power, and that can be limiting in terms of time. If you forget to charge it, it will underperform, and your home will not be clean. Use this type of vacuum if you have a small house with no big messes.

Stick vacuum cleaners

This type of vacuum cleaner is very lightweight and slim in design. That means they are great, especially for those who aren’t strong enough to handle canister vacuum cleaners. They use a rotating brush together with some light suction to do their job. Their heads are tiny, which means they can be used to clean furniture. They are perfect for small messes and can be used to clean under the tables after you are done with your meals.

Even though this type of vacuum cleaners are straightforward to use, they have very low suction power and cannot handle those large messes. They cannot provide you with a deep clean, and their battery life is short. That means you have to use a different type of vacuum if you want to clean your house, especially if it is large properly. Most people who but it is pet owners, and that has made it to be known as a pet vacuum.

More than one person does the vacuuming in most homes, and you cannot guarantee that they will be of the same size. That is why stick vacuum cleaners with adjustable height are available to allow anyone can do the cleaning, including the kids. That way, it is possible to get the whole family involved in cleaning the house as everyone can easily use it.

Canister vacuum cleaners

This vacuum cleaner’s main feature is that they come with a storage tank connected to a sucker end using a hose. They also come with various types of attachments that are meant to make your work easier. That way, your cleaning routine can be customized, and you will be able to reach those very tight places. Their main advantage is that they can be used on different floors as long as you are patient enough to keep changing the attachments.

These canister vacuum cleaners are easily stretchable, making them very easy to reach all corners of your house, including the ceiling. Because of their long hoses, cleaning the stairs is made very easy as you can go a long way before reaching for the canister. Their main disadvantage is that they are hard to maintain and store as they can only be maneuvered around large rooms. It is also cumbersome as you have to use both hands to carry it around.

Bagged vacuum cleaners

This type of vacuum cleaners relies on bags to store debris and dirt removed from the floor. These disposable bags zip into a cloth section of the vacuum, making them easily accessible. This type of vacuums are well known for their hygienic levels and are also great at containing allergens and dust. They all go into the bag when vacuuming, and you will later be able to throw it away. The dirt bag is also a filter; hence you don’t have to worry about touching allergens when disposing of them off as they are airtight.

Bagged cleaners need very minimal maintenance, and you don’t have to worry about washing the filter as they are disposable. Their main downside is that you will spend a lot of money buying dirt bags, and it will not clean properly on a full bag like when the bag is empty. Throwing the bags out before they fill up is also another problem as you cannot know whether they are full, and that can cost you a lot of money.

Bagless vacuum cleaners

Bagless vacuum cleaners, unlike the bagged ones, are more popular and less expensive. With this type of vacuum cleaners, you don’t have to keep buying bags to work. They come with clear canisters that tell you when it is time to empty them making it a straightforward cleaning process. They are very environmentally friendly as you don’t throw away any bags that harm the environment. However, bagless vacuums don’t get rid of allergens; hence they can escape into the air. The filter also needs to be cleaned regularly so that the vacuum can work properly.

Backpack vacuum cleaner

For a mighty vacuum cleaner that is also easy to move from one place to another, a backpack vacuum cleaner is the right one. They help save on so much time hence ideal for those people with substantial homes. If your house is enormous and needs to be cleaned regularly, then the s vacuum cleaner will work best for you. With this vacuum, there is no pulling or pushing as you carry it on your back, and that makes it faster than others.

These types of vacuum cleaners are great, especially on hardwood floors but no so great on carpets. Another downside is that you can get boiling from carrying it around on your back and eventually even develop back problems. If you have any back complications, then stay away from this type of vacuum. You will also not be able to move around with it in small places as it is enormous, so it is meant for larger areas.

Central vacuum cleaners

By central, it means that this vacuum cleaner stays in one place on a wall outlet. It has a powerful suction that helps you clean throughout your home with just the hose. They are very powerful and mostly set in the garage or basement so that they can give you the needed suction for cleaning. The outlet of this vacuum cleaner is located at the bottom throughout your home; that way, you cannot pull a cord, and you will easily access it. With the large container storage, you don’t have to keep emptying the dirt as you can do so just once in a while.

If you own a large house and have pets, this vacuum will work very well. It is easier to use compared to a regular vacuum and will save time. You can also count on it to improve the air quality as it gets rid of a lot of dust. Their main downside is that they are costly to install, and you have to hire a professional to do it. If there are any problems with it, you have to undergo a lot of demolition as the piping is either on the wall or under the floor.

Robot vacuum cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is becoming popular every day; they use advanced technology to move around the room and clean independently. They are programmed to bump into things like tables and seats and then avoid them and continue cleaning. That means they can get close to all the house items and don’t leave that much dirt behind.

People choose this type of vacuum cleaner because it can be programmed to use when you are not around or at night. That way, you can go out and come back to a clean house. For them to have enough power to use, you can control them remotely, and they will dock themselves on a charger.

If you are a messy person, this vacuum cleaner is not meant for you because it won’t have space to do its job well. It is great for cleaning under the furniture or those hidden places that your regular vacuum cannot reach. However, they are not powerful enough to take care of large messes as their main problem is that you have to make sure that your floor is not messy for them to clean. Use this type of vacuum cleaners in between deep cleanings for the best results.

Wi-Fi-enabled robotic vacuum cleaners can be connected to your phone, tablet, and any other kind of device where you can program it to your specifications. You can also check on the cleaning status even when you are not around. The app will also notify you when the bin should be emptied so that you can maintain the vacuum at its best performance.

Wet/Dry vacuum cleaners

This type of vacuum cleaners are used at home to clean floors and are perfect for big spills and messes. They are mighty and have a long cord that makes it easier to move around to the mess’s place. They are mostly used on garages and basements and can handle flooded areas and vacuuming sawdust after a wood project.

One of these vacuum cleaners’ downsides is that they are difficult to store as they are bulky and large. However, that can be an advantage because it means they are large enough to deal with all types of messes.

Carpet vacuum cleaners

If most of your floors at home are covered by a thick carpet, finding the best carpet vacuum cleaner is significant. That is because it is essential to remove dirt and debris from deep in the fibers of your carpet. These vacuums are designed to be very powerful and can get rid of any dirt and debris from the carpet.

However, carpet sweeper vacuum cleaners are not as popular as they were in the past, but they are still functional. If you have a carpeted floor that is not that thick, then using a sweeper will remove dirt and debris. They don’t need electricity to operate, making them very quiet hence will not disturb the family. Their downside is the small head, and they need to be emptied regularly to clean correctly.

Multi-Surface vacuum cleaners

If your home is a combination of carpet and hard floors, this vacuum cleaner will clean both. It’s a hybrid vacuum that is a bit expensive but worth the cost as you don’t have to worry about it damaging your floors. It will deeply clean your carpet and shine your hard floor, and that is what makes it truly worth it.

Hard Floors vacuum cleaners

You have hard floors in your home, then getting this vacuum cleaner will be the best decision. If your house is made of wooden floors and regular vacuums are leaving scratches, getting this type of vacuum will be the best solution.

Using other vacuums can damage your hard floors and even scatter the dirt that you are persistently trying to get rid of. Ensure that you use a hard floor vacuum cleaner if you want the best results and maintain your floor for a long time.

Upholstery vacuum cleaners

Having clean upholstery is essential if you have pets and kids; they tend to be very dirty and cause allergies. That is why having this type of vacuum cleaner is critical as it can handle this type of task, leaving your upholstery clean and allergy-free.

Car Adapter vacuum cleaners

If you are going for a long road trip, then you will want to keep your car clean during that period. With this vacuum cleaner, you plug it in, and you are good to go. That way, you can easily clean your car wherever you go without relying on an outlet. If you travel a lot, this vacuum will come in handy as it is effortless to use.

Swivel Neck vacuum cleaner

For more straightforward navigation around any furniture in a home without leaving any patches, then you need a swivel neck vacuum cleaner. They are designed to vacuum in a straight line, which means you get more control over the direction you are vacuuming. If your house has a lot of furniture and other types of stuff, you need this vacuum to clean all around, making it very ideal.

Vacuum Cleaners with HEPA Filter

Vacuum cleaners that have a HEPA filter work better in removing allergens and dust from the air. They use a unique filtration system to get rid of any bacteria off the floor and trap it. That, in turn, will improve the quality of air in your house, enabling the whole family to breathe fresh air.

Final Verdict

Buying a vacuum cleaner requires you to be open to the many types available. And before you can settle with a specific model, you have to know if it’s a type that will give you the easiest time while you clean. The above post gives you a list of the various types of vacuum cleaners. It’s now up to you to read it and familiarize yourself. The information will help you get yourself a good vacuum that ensures your house remains clean and you will use it for a long time. That is why it is worth investing time in research before making any decisions.

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