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Steam Mop Not Steaming? – Here’s Why | Solution

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As you well know, steam mops are very environment friendly and great for your floors. That is because they only need steam, which comes from plain water that is heated up. There are common problems with steam mops that everyone should be aware of because most issues can resolve themselves like steam mop not steaming.

Is your steam mop not steaming, and you are wondering what could be wrong? Many things could cause your steam mop to stop working before you throw it out; it is better to figure out a solution. That is because, in most cases, the problem is very easy to solve. This post is here to give you an insight of what might be causing the problem and simple ways to try and fix it.

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Steam Mop Not Steaming: Common Problems

Before concluding that the steam mop has stopped functioning, you must troubleshoot. Several problems could cause your steam mop to malfunction, and we are going to discuss some of them and their possible solutions.

However, if you don’t find a solution to your problem here and decide to buy a new one, that is also a great solution. Be sure to find great reviews on the best steam mops for your type of floors. Below are some of the common problems:

1. Blocked Nozzle

If you stay in a place where only hard water is available, cleaning your mop regularly is necessary. That way, there will be no mineral buildup that may clog the system.

Most steam mop manufacturers recommend using distilled water; the consequences of not following this instruction is a blocked nozzle. When hard water changes into steam, it releases calcium that is then pushed by steam to block the nozzles. When this happens, you need a descaling pin or any long pin, a decalcifying agent, or water vinegar with high strength.

2. No or Low Water in the Tank

Another problem that you may face is the tank lacking water. When in a hurry, you may forget to fill up your tank with the recommended volume. If there is no water, then there will be no steam released, bringing cleaning to a halt.

Using an empty steam mop can damage the mop and make the given warranty to be void. Ensure that you always check the water tank before you start heating it or using it. Ensure you also allow the water some time to heat up to the required temperature to produce steam.

3. Water Not Fully Heated

If you are also in a hurry and start cleaning without waiting for the water to heat up, there will be no steam produced. High-temperature steam is also suitable for sanitizing the surfaces that you clean. It is recommended that you heat the steam to 100 degrees. Celsius; that way, you can kill the germs and have enough moisture for cleaning.

4. Water or Steam Leakage

Steam mops can release steam when pressure builds up. If the system is leaking its pressure, then there is a chance that your steam mop will not release any pressure. There may be May reasons for the lack of pressure, and one of them is a loose cap. A loosened cap can cause pressure to reduce or get rid of the steam.

Steam Mop Not Steaming: How to Fix It

Fixing the steam mop will depend on what the problem is and what is causing it. In most cases that we have come across, the problem is mostly clogging. Most of us own steam mops, neglect taking care of them, and don’t even clean them up. Below is how to fix some of the issues:

1. Unblocking the nozzle

If your steam mop is blocked, you can unblock it manually using a cotton swab, paper clip, and vinegar. White vinegar will help decalcify, but you can use a high strength white vinegar if you don’t have any.

To unblock the nozzle, unplug the mop and let it cool down, empty the water tank and check the tip to see if it is blocked by buildup or debris. Use the paper clip to loosen the buildup by moving it back and forth. Pour some vinegar on the mop’s head and use a rug to help remove any remaining buildup.

Some models may need you to unscrew the base so that you can get to the tip. That means you need a screwdriver; it is not hard to use one. Ensure that you don’t use vinegar regularly, as it may lead to corrosion, which may damage your mop.

Corrosion will end up voiding your warranty, which is a loss of money. Put some vinegar in the water tank and let it sit overnight; in the morning, plug the steam mop in and let it heat up and then steam with it. That will help descale the steam mop and get rid of any blockage.

2. Fixing Steam Leakage

Another reason for your steam mop not steaming is that it has a leakage. To release hot steam, this machine has to build upon the pressure. If there is any pressure leakage, then there will be no steam coming out of it.

You need to examine the machine and find out if it is leaking to fix it. Usually, the bottom cap has the problem; if not tightly secured, it causes loss of pressure and steam leakage. To fix this problem, fill up the tank and ensure that the cup is tightly sealed. If the cap has a question, contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

Preventing Future Steam Failures

To prevent future malfunctioning, ensure that you follow the user manual guidelines that come with the steam mop. That way, you can ensure that the mop is regularly cleaned and in a top-notch condition. That means it will last you a very long time.

Always use distilled water.

Ensure you always use distilled water just as recommended. This is very important as it will ensure you don’t have any repair issues. Distilled water will ensure that your machine does not clog, and since it is chemical-free, you get a long-lasting steam mop.

Monthly unclogging

If you don’t want your steam mop to malfunction, then you need to unclog it regularly. Use the given steps above to unclog it, preferably every month. Apart from monthly unclogging, ensure that you clean it every day or after you use it. That way, you can get rid of dust particles, and the steam mop will last longer.

Final verdict!

A steam mop is designed to last a very long time, but that will only happen if you take good care of it. After using it, ensure that you empty the tank and wash the microfiber pad. But even when you do all this, sometimes the steam mop will have a problem. That is why you need to learn about different types of issues and how to solve them. If you have already done some repairs and still the mop does not work, it is time to get a new one.

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