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Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet Problems

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Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet is a well-known carpet that gives you softness, comfort, and a great finished look. This type of rugs comes in different colors, which allows you to choose the one that will best suit your house. Mohawk Smartstrand carpet has its advantages, but this post is here to tell you about some of the Mohawk Smartstrand carpet problems you can experience with this carpet. That way, you can be prepared for any outcome and know whether it will be a good investment for you.

Most common Mohawk Smartstrand carpet problems:

Shedding and Fluffing

All carpets mostly experience this problem; it’s when small chunks of the carpets are shed off and found on the floor or in your vacuum cleaner. However, if this is one of the problems you are experiencing with your Mohawk Smartstrand, you don’t have to worry. It is not harmful, and you can solve it by vacuuming your carpet gently. Within two months, there will be no more shedding.


Another Mohawk Smartstrand carpet problem is that they start discoloring. You may begin to notice a yellow like discoloration, which is not a good look at all. This type of situation is mainly caused by water damage, and it is entirely normal.

Most carpets are made from organic materials, and they can oxidize and break down to stimulate moisture. That means a natural dye can be released, making the rug change its color to amber or yellowish stain. For this problem, you can solve it by hiring professional cleaners and by always ensuring that your carpet dries up entirely after washing it.

Color Fading

This problem affects the Mohawk Smartstrand carpet, too; it mostly happens when you expose the carpet to direct sunlight. The carp’s dyes are susceptible and can react with different types of chemicals, causing your carpet to start discoloring. There are different types of things found in your house that can cause your carpet to start discoloring or fading, and one can never be sure what they are until you wash your carpet. This problem can be easily solved by hiring a professional who can clean and later re-dye your carpet.


When you accidentally spill something on your carpet, it gets sucked into the back end or even remains in the underpad. When you are cleaning the stain, people only clean the top part, which means you will not get out the rest of the spill. When you are now drying the carpet, the carpet will reabsorb the stain again, and it will slowly go back to the top. The best solution for this Mohawk Smartstrand problem is using a particular chemical that helps prevent re-soiling. If the stain is severe, the only solution will be replacing the underpad.

Pile Reversal

When your carpet is pressed down in different places, it will eventually look darker and lighter in other parts. It is commonly known as pile distortion and can occur in all types of carpets overtime. There is no real solution to this problem; you have to accept it somehow.

Split Seam and Tears

Mohawk Smartstrand carpets come with seams, and if there are seams in a high traffic area, they will occasionally begin to fray. This type of problem requires immediate help, and that is why you should immediately glue down the frayed place. However, that is a temporary solution as the seam will possibly open again. For a more permanent solution, you need to call a carpet repair service as soon as you can to contain the damage.

Matting and Crushing

Foot traffic can make your Mohawk Smartstrand fibers tangle and untwist, making some areas to look crushed. This is very normal and natural and can happen to all types of carpets. It is not only caused by foot traffic but also not caring for carpet and even material failure. The best solution for this problem is carpet cleaning using hot water extraction as it will help improve the carpet’s appearance.

Draught Marking and Filtration Soiling

If your carpet covers the whole room, then this problem will probably occur. It is the darkening of the room edges and near the door and air vent. It is mostly caused at the edge of the carpet and airflow dropping dirt on the said areas. The best solution for this problem, just like most problems, is calling a professional carpet cleaning service. They will apply a solution to the darkened areas, and you will see an improvement.

No take-back or recycling program.

Another Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet problems are that they don’t have a recycling or take-back program. Therefore, when your carpet gets old and worn-out, it will be taken to a landfill, which we all know is not great for the environment. If you care a lot about the environment, then this can be a big problem for you.

DIY Installation Not Recommended

It’s not recommended to do a DIY installation on Mohawk Smartstrand Carpets. A qualified installer can measure, cut, and make the necessary adjustment to ensure the carpet and padding fit perfectly. You would also void the manufacturer warranty if you did a DIY installation of the Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet. So, clarify this in the owner’s manual before buying or attempting the installation.

Extra Costs

Smartstrand carpet requires SmartCushion padding during installation. While Mohawk’s preferred and recommended way, it can cause the total Mohawk Smartstrand carpet price to rise. Another thing, it’s challenging to come across one. Only the major stores will have them.

Replacing the carpet is also somehow expensive. There are no repairs to Mohawk Smartstrand Carpets. So, when the fibers start to fall apart, it’s time to replace it. For most Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet users, they can come early depending on how you care for you and your model’s quality. Replacing it means taking down every part and installing a new one. The overall cost can be relatively high.


Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet problems, just like any other, are very typical and can be resolved. This is a good carpet that is loved and recommended by many making it a good investment for your house. You have to know how to deal with the problems, and your carpet will last a long time.


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