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Is it OK to vacuum everyday?

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Is it OK to vacuum everydayIs it OK to vacuum everyday?

Before answering this question, let’s be real; no one likes vacuuming even though it’s an important thing to do to keep your home or office clean. It does also help improve the floor and carpet look. So, to answer the question, the answer is YES.

You can decide to vacuum the high-traffic lanes daily with the best vacuum for your carpet or floor type. However, there is more to this topic. Vacuuming is a perfect way to keep your home clean and free of allergens and pet dander if you’re a pet in your home. Let’s take a look at how often you should vacuum the various floor types.


Carpets need frequent vacuuming. And what does frequent mean here? The vacuuming depends on your carpet type and the amount of traffic it gets. Most carpet manufacturers recommend vacuuming the traffic lanes and high-traffic areas daily.

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What does traffic lanes mean?

It’s the route you regularly take, for instance, from the door to the kitchen or from the living room to the study room. Those areas get dirty or rather dusty. The entire carpet can be vacuumed once a week.

And for the rooms with little or no use, a routine of bi-weekly vacuuming is the best. While vacuuming, please don’t give it a one-pass cleaning and call it a day. You should run it several times to suck all the dirt from the carpet fibers to prevent matting.

Does frequent vacuuming cause wear to carpets?

This argument argues that a rotating beater bar or brush does pull, stretch, or wear tout carpet fiber. Is it true? Somehow yes! If you’re not using the right vacuum cleaner for your carpet type, this might happen.

However, in reality, dirt can cause more wear and tear effect on your carpet than a vacuum cleaner. If you’re using a vacuum cleaner with multiple settings allowing you to customize the surfaces, try not to vacuum your carpet with a hardwood floor setting.

If your vacuum has height settings, you should get it right. You know what? If it’s set too low, the vacuum might damage your carpet or the vacuum drive belt or roller brush. If the vacuum setting is too high, it won’t pick any dirt. If you’re not sure on the right height setting, set it to the highest setting and lower it till you feel like the vacuum is tugging on your carpet.

Should you worry if your vacuum dust bin has carpet fluff?

Some customers freak out when they notice their vacuum cleaner is collecting carpet fluff into the dust bin. Some even thing the vacuum does destroy the carpet fibers while it slowly removes them. But that is not the case.

Most carpets do stand several times vacuuming in a week and not sustain any damage. And as you well know, leaving dirt in the carpet breaks down its fibers creating a breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites.

How do you protect your carpet while you vacuum?

The truth is, your carpets will sustain some damage with regular vacuuming. However, that is merely considering what dirt left on the carpet can do. Is it OK to vacuum everyday? Sure, but nor a must. Frequent vacuuming is the best way to keep your carpets in good form and look.

And to protect your carpets, you can decide to vacuum the high traffic areas two times in a week and vacuum the rest of the carpet weekly. You need to know this; dirt will attract dirt. So, frequent vacuuming will help reduce the dirt buildup, thus reducing carpet wear and tear.

Suppose you’re worried about your carpet ruining while you vacuum, you can use a protecting spray on it before vacuuming. However, if your carpet is under warranty, don’t try it since applying these products on your carpet might void it.

Home with Pets

If you have pets in your home, you have to vacuum daily. Why? Pets do shed and drop dander or even fleas that can cause or aggravate allergies and diseases. Not forgetting what they might bring to your house with their paws.

No matter your floor type, if any furry pets are running loose in your home, it is OK to vacuum every day. If it’s difficult to do it daily, you might want to focus on areas on the furniture and rooms that your pets spend most of their time.

You may also want to consider investing in the best robotic vacuum cleaner for your floor type. If the pet messed your carpet, don’t wait until the mess builds up, and clean it as first as you can. The quick reaction will help reducing odor.


If you have any rugs covering hardwood or tile, or if you’re using short-fiber types of floor carpets, you need to vacuum them twin in a week. Most people don’t know that the rug fibers do absorb grime, and with time, they accumulate bacteria similar to carpets.

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Their coverage area will dictate the vacuuming frequency of the area beneath them to care for dirt and grime.

If your rugs cover less than 3/4 of your floor area, you should vacuum the entire hard or carpeted floor twice weekly once you remove the rugs from the room. However, if the rugs cover more than 3/4 of your floor, you can vacuum your hard floor once every week after removing the rugs.

Hard Floors

If you don’t own pets or live in a dusty area and you don’t bring in sand or dirt, you can decide to vacuum your hard floor once every week. However, you should know, dust and allergens can find their way into the hard floor cracks, mostly between the floorboards. Do not forget to vacuum it unless it’s a room you don’t use daily.

And you know what, most people prefer using brooms and dust mops to clean hard floors. They do nice work by moving all the dust and debris on the floor surface into a dustpan. It’s considered the most effective method of cleaning and dusting the hard floors.

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However, some dust particles become airborne when you sweep, and others hide intro the floor corners and crevices. If you mop after sweeping, the mop moisture can bind with the dust particle to form mud.

A vacuum cleaner comes quite in handy. It will pull all the dust from the crevices and suction it to its self-contained canister or dust bin. That allows it to reduce airborne dust. However, it would be best if you got the right vacuum cleaner for your floor type.

Final Word!

Is it OK to vacuum everyday? Sure, it’s more than OK. However, you need to do it if necessary, especially if you’ve pets in your home. Besides giving you the quality of life, extending your carpet life, vacuuming every day can help reduce allergens, dust, and dander from your house. And best of all, your floor or carpets with getting a tidier, welcoming look overall.

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