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Is a steam mop safe for vinyl floors?

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Vinyl floors have so many advantages and are definitely worth the money; the problem comes when you don’t know how to clean them effectively. Therefore, whether it is safe to use a steam mop to clean your vinyl floors is safe. This article will help you figure out if it is safe to use a steam mop on your vinyl floors. The main answer is NO, the floor is one of the dirtiest areas in your house, and all the dirt and spills end up destroying the beautiful finish of your vinyl floors.

Using a dry mop will not effectively clean your vinyl floors, and that is why people often run to steam mops, but it is not a good idea. The high temperatures used to clean have the ability to destroy your vinyl floor and, in the end, destroying its structure. There may be some things to factor in, like the type of steam mop you are using and your floors’ quality, but using a steam mop to clean vinyl floors is not a good idea. Talking to your vinyl floor manufacturer is very important as they will advise you on the best way to clean your floors and one that will not destroy them.

Why you should not use steam mops on vinyl floors

Steam mops are loved because they are fast and kill a lot of germs in the process. However, before you use it, it is essential to know the effects of using it. Vinyl floors are mainly made of plastic and then coated with a layer of polyurethane. It is well known to resist water and its ease in cleaning, but the truth is that moisture released by steam mops will destroy your vinyl floors.

Some narrow spaces make them vulnerable between the vinyl planks, especially if they have been put in place by glue. The steam makes the glue to loosen, and the vinyl planks will end up bending. The moisture the sips through the seams also start to give out a foul odor after a while. That means if you have allergies, this may make them worse, increasing your expenses in buying medicine and other additional costs.

If you insist on using a steam mop to clean your floors, ensure that your mop can get rid of all the moisture. Avoid leaving the mop in the same place for too long and ensuring that you completely dry off the water. That way, there will be no moisture left that will destroy your floors.

Another thing to do is use the lowest setting on your steam mop, which means you should buy a mop with adjustable heat settings. Instead of going through all this hustle, it is recommended to seek other ways to clean the vinyl floors that are safe for you.

Final remarks

If you want your vinyl floors’ life to be prolonged, then avoid using a steam mop. Instead, you can try to use a regular mop; if your house has different flooring types, you can use a steam mop on the other areas that are not made of vinyl materials. Steam mops may be great at killing germs, but they are not suited for vinyl floors. There are different ways of disinfecting your vinyl floors that will not destroy them.

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