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How much should I spend on a vacuum cleaner?

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Several factors determine the price of a vacuum cleaner. You can get a unit that is priced at less than $100 and another unit that can go as high as $900. It is upon you to check out the features available in the vacuum cleaners before you can proceed to buy one. Below we have listed the price of different vacuum cleaners. You need to take into consideration the model of the vacuum cleaner you would like to buy before you can know the exact cost. Some vacuum cleaners come with several features. Getting a vacuum cleaner that has several parts is a good idea because it will make it easy for you to enjoy the best cleaning experience.
How much should I spend on a vacuum cleaner? Check out our price breakdown as per the different types below:

Stick vacuum price

A stick vacuum cleaner can be bought at $124. It is a slim and lightweight vacuum cleaner that can be used to pick out dirt from small spaces. The light suction applied by the vacuum makes it ideal for small applications. It is not very powerful, making it priced fairly. If you would like to get a vacuum cleaner for light uses, then you will be better off if you decide to go for the vacuum cleaner. The unit applies rotating brushes and light suction to remove dirt from different surfaces.

Robot vacuum price

You can get a robot vacuum starting from $559. Some high-end models can cost more than $1200. A robot vacuum comes with software where you can program it to clean a specific area. It is a powerful vacuum you can use to save time at home. In most cases, it can clean large areas without the interference of people. People looking for an easy way to clean surfaces at home can apply it, and it will assure them the best results when cleaning different surfaces.

Backpack vacuum price

A backpack vacuum is very powerful. You can get one starting from $314; it is easy to move around because of the backpack design. You will place it on your back and move around easily. The easy to carry design saves you a lot of time. You will find it easy to move the backpack cleaner around. You need to buy the vacuum cleaner if you clean regularly. The long hose will pick debris and store them in the backpack component.

Wet/Dry vacuum price

You can spend up to $159 to buy Wet/Dry vacuum cleaner. It is the perfect unit you can buy if you would like to get a vacuum cleaner that you can apply to clean wet spills. There are some homes where you experience a lot of spills. In such a case, you can apply the vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt. It is highly effective in removing the dirt. Many people prefer it over other brands because it can clean both dry and wet dirt.

Bagged vacuum price

It has a bag that holds the dirt that has been cleaned. You will need about $168 to buy a good bagged vacuum cleaner. They are hygienic vacuum cleaners you can buy to control dirt easily. It will keep the dirt in a bag that you will later dispose of carefully. Homes, where family members suffer from allergies, can buy the vacuum cleaners to handle the dirt carefully. They come in different models. Compare the prices to get the best deals.

Bagless vacuum price

They are less expensive when compared to bagged vacuums. With just $99 you can get a bagless vacuum. It comes with a clear canister that makes it easy to know when it is time to empty the unit. The easy to use design make many users prefer the vacuum. It is designed to make your work easy when working on different surfaces. The vacuum cleaner has been designed to assure you of the perfect cleaning results.

Cordless vacuum price

It is a vacuum that is powered by a battery. You can move around your home comfortably without the worry of running cords. The vacuum cleaner is available from $129. They are lightweight, making them ideal for people who cannot handle heavy-duty vacuum cleaners. They work well in small homes where you would like to keep surfaces clean. They are available in a wide range of brands, making them have some price variations. The vacuums are designed to assure you of the best cleaning results.

Handheld vacuum price

A handheld vacuum can be bought starting from $39. You can easily carry it to specific places. A handheld vacuum can clean even in your car. They are mostly cordless to allow for easy operation. There are also some models with cords that deliver more power. When cleaning surfaces that develop a lot of dirt, you may have to opt for a powerful vacuum cleaner that has running cords. The portable vacuums make cleaning easy. You can apply it to clean specific areas on your carpet. For instance, a mess can occur on a spec if part of your carpet and you would like to clear it. The handheld vacuum will do the perfect job in such cases.

Canister vacuum price

With just $79, you can get a reliable canister vacuum. It comes with a storage tank that is connected to the sucker end. A long hose collects dirt then stores it in the canister. You do not have to worry about changing the bags. The canister vacuum makes the cleaning process easy. People looking for reliable and easy to use vacuum cleaners opt for the unit. Canister vacuums are versatile. You will only have to change the attachments, and they will work correctly to allow you to clean large surfaces. You can apply it to clean different types of surfaces, and it will work correctly. Going for the best canister vacuum cleaner will be a great deal if you would like to realize the best results in your cleaning process.

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