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How Many Watts is a Good Vacuum Cleaner

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Many households make use of vacuum cleaner and they are an important cleaning equipment in your daily life. People often look for feature equipped and modern versions of vacuum cleaners. This makes your work easy and the results are very satisfying. So, while purchasing a vacuum cleaner, its not just the design and price to check out, but also the technical specs that have to be focused. Amongst these technical specifications, power watts are crucial in a cleaner vacuuming.

How Many Watts is a Good Vacuum Cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner with worse suction but a high wattage does not make a good vacuum cleaner. The majority of the good vacuum cleaners have 1000 to 2000 watts in corded versions while 20 to 200 watts for cordless varieties. They should also provide good suction power for cleaner vacuuming. These cleaning tasks could be from cleaning carpets, upholstery, car, house on a whole.

What does wattage mean in a vacuum cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner with high watts doesn’t inform you of its suction power. It is therefore essential to understand what wattage of a vacuum cleaner means. Wattage is a measure of the power consumed. So, a vacuum cleaner of 1000 watts will use 1kw or 1000 w power/electricity in an hour. Watts is a measure of input power. It doesn’t account for number of fans or motor efficiency or suction power. Watt is a consumption measurement but not the output measure of power. This also implies that the vacuum cleaner wattage affects the suction power of a vacuum cleaner.

What “power” factors to look for when purchasing a good vacuum cleaner?

When you purchase a vacuum cleaner, you need to look for some factors that are linked to power wattage of a vacuum cleaner as its cleaning depends on them.

Engine- The engine efficiency of a vacuum cleaner is crucial and is generally 25% to 35%. A 1500W power consumption in a vacuum cleaner implies 375 W to 525 W engine power. This is sufficient for a thorough cleaning.

Vacuum cleaner type-Different vacuum types can demonstrate variant suction power even with same consumption of power. Whether your vacuum is a dust collector, a bag equipped or a water filter equipped, detergent vacuum or a robotic vacuum cleaner, their input power can clean differently. There are different types of vacuums such as canister vacuum, Deep carpet cleaners, handheld vacuums for car and upholstery, stick vacuum-corded and cordless, upright vacuum, pet vacuum and the latest robotic vacuum.

Power wattages of different types of vacuum

  • Canister vacuum- 1200 Watts-2000 Watts
  • Deep cleaners-1300 Watts-1800 Watts
  • Upright Vacuum-500 Watts-3000 Watts
  • Handheld vacuum-20 Watts-200 Watts
  • Stick vacuum-1000 Watts-2000 Watts (corded) and 20 Watts-200 Watts (cordless)
  • Pet vacuum-800 Watts-1000 Watts
  • Robotic vacuum-3000 Watts

Below we will look at what type of vacuum cleaning needs how much watts of power:

  • 350 Watts power- This power is sufficient and useful for dry cleaning of parquet, linoleum, tiles and some other smoother surfaces. A low powered vacuum cleaner is not pricey and sufficient to clean an upholstered furniture without carpets.
  • 400 Watts power-This power is sufficient and useful for a thorough carpet cleaning. This power can cope up with cleaning of large quantity of wool and dust, when you have pets. For instance, detergent vacuums use this power wattage to suck contaminated water along with the air.
  • 450 Watts power-This power is sufficient and useful for cleaning long covered coatings, carpets and upholstery.

Based on the above power wattage supplies that match your needs are ideal to make a good vacuum cleaner for you.

Number and type of filters- The complex the filter, the lesser its suction power. You will find better results with filters with 2 large pores instead of 5 puffed cleaner. This is because of its air resistance and detaining dust hugely.

Assembly quality- A higher power is useful in a vacuum cleaner which has quality assembly of its parts with the same power of engine.


A good vacuum cleaner has a power consumption of 20W-200W in cordless vacuums while 1000 W-2000 W power in corded vacuum cleaners. For a standard apartment, 250 W-350 W useful power is sufficient for cleaning in a vacuum cleaner. Depending on your personal tasks of cleaning, you should select wet or dry vacuum with respective useful power. A power wattage value is only the measure of input electricity and not the output power.

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