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How long do vacuums last & How to make it longer?

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Vacuum cleaners, just like other things, don’t last forever. You can take outstanding care of it, but at some point, you have to let it go and agree you need a new one. But how long do vacuums last? How does one know when it is time to replace it? According to reports from previous buyers, a vacuum cleaner can last an average of eight years, but all that depends on a couple of things.

What determines how long your vacuum last?

While evaluating how long vacuums do last, you need to understand the things that determine its life span. Let’s go through some of them.

Construction Quality

The making of the vacuum is a huge determinant of how long it will last. If the maker uses high-quality materials to build it, then you can expect it to last longer. What’s more, the various advancements and innovations integrated into the vacuum can improve its performance while bettering durability.

That’s why it’s always recommended to check the type of materials used in constructing the vacuum before buying it. For a heavy-duty commercial vacuum, the construction must be heavy-duty, too, something that can handle all types of messes, large or small. Another indication of how well the vacuum is built and its durability is the warranty cover associated with its purchase. It’s an indication of how well the maker trusts their work.


How you use a vacuum and maintain it and how often or much you use it will affect your vacuum’s life span, if not the whole thing, the motor, and the vacuum head. If you clean the vacuum regularly, replace the filters when required, and store it appropriately, you can expect it to last longer.

If you live in a small studio or apartment and vacuum once in a while, then your vacuum will last much longer. But if you own a big house and you use the vacuum regularly, then the vacuum will not last as long as the person living in a studio apartment. It will wear out earlier, and you’ll need to replace it.


Every machine requires proper maintenance for it to last longer, and the same applies to vacuum cleaners. If you want to vacuum cleaner to last longer, you might want to give it the right and proper maintenance. That means you must follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer on maintaining the unit. Also, give it regular essential maintenance to always keep it ready for next day vacuuming.

How do you maintain a vacuum to last longer?

As aforementioned, if your vacuum cleaner has lasted more than eight years, then you should start thinking about replacing it. If it is time and you are not ready to buy a new vacuum, then there are things to do to increase its lifespan while you save for a new vacuum cleaner. If you troubleshoot and do not find a problem and it still is not working, then the vacuum needs to be replaced. Below are tips to make your vacuum last a bit longer, whether it is new or old:

Don’t let the dirtbag fill to the top.

It may end up clogging the machine. Whenever the filter gets dirty, wash or replace it so that the vacuum can perform well. Clean the motorized brush regularly to get rid of hair, fibers, strings, and other things that can cause it to become stressed.

Check the hose for clogging occasionally.

From the above tips, you can see that it is essential to check the vacuum to see if it can be fixed before you throw it away. When a vacuum is clogged, the airflow will be restricted, which means suction will be tampered with. Using a filter may be the solution that you need to make it work well. Remember to clean your vacuum regularly, as a deep clean may be the best way to prolong a vacuum cleaner’s life.

Check out the drive belt.

Another tip is to check out is the drive belt; it can become loose and come out. Replacing it will be cheaper than buying a whole new vacuum cleaner as it will work as new again.

If not picking dirt

Suppose your vacuum cleaner has begun not cleaning correctly, then you are not in a hurry to throw it away. Before you buy a new one, you can try fixing it. Check out if it is clogged or you need to replace a particular part. That way, you will use less money and still have a working vacuum.


Before buying a vacuum, ensure that you ask the manufacture its life expectancy. Some vacuums also come with extended warranties that will guarantee you a replacement if it gets a problem. Going for a reputable brand may be a bit expensive, but it will also mean a high-quality vacuum cleaner that will last you a while. However, if you have used it for a while, and a repair is no longer an option, it is time to get a new vacuum cleaner.


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