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Can you vacuum fake grass?

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Installing fake grass on your lawn is one of the best decisions a homeowner can make; you can enjoy good looking grass without the hustle of maintaining it. Things like mowing, watering, edging, and even fertilizing can be costly, and that t is why most people opt for fake grass. Even with all these advantages, artificial grass still has to be well kept and maintained, and often people wonder whether they should vacuum it.

Most people spray down their lawns once a month so that they can easily remove debris and dirt, and for most, this may be enough. However, if you own pets and the fake grass is near trees that shed leaves, you may start wondering if you need to vacuum it.

Is it safe to fake Vacuum Grass?

When it comes to vacuuming fake grass, two main problems bring up a concern. The first thing is that the vacuum can suck up the infill, and the infill is the central part of the lawn that makes it soft and cushiony, just like natural grass. The second reason to worry is if your vacuum has powerful suction, then over time, it could loosen the synthetic turf. If that happens, your fake grass may end up sagging or shifting, which means you have to spend money to repair it.

If you have to vacuum your fake grass, then you should think about using a bagless vacuum. That way, you can put the debris through the sifter to separate the infill and later redistribute it. You did install fake grass so that you can spend as much less time as possible taking care of it, and trying to separate the infill from other types of dirt is not fun at all. Some fake grasses don’t come with infill, and that makes them safe to vacuum. However, you should still be careful because even if you don’t suck the infill, you will loosen up the lawn.

But with all this said, people still vacuum their fake grass and have not complained about loosening issues or sucking up the infill. You can also be specific with the type of vacuum you use because vacuums are made explicitly for fake grass. Therefore, if you have decided to vacuum your artificial grass, you should invest in the right vacuum cleaner.

What you need to look for while picking a vacuum for fake grass?

As aforementioned, you need to invest in the right vacuum cleaner to achieve the best results while vacuuming your fake grass. Here are the basic things you need to look at while selecting the best vacuum for fake grass:

Infill or Not

If your fake grass uses infill to keep the grass needles standing, be it sand or rubber, you have to avoid a vacuum cleaner with power suction power. You need to get a model that can pick the debris above and not the infill. Also make sure the type of vacuum cleaner you’re about to but doesn’t wash away the sand; avoid a Dry & Wet model.

Vacuum Brush

As you well know, turf or fake grass isn’t that durable if you hard-brush it. That mean, the best type of vacuum head to buy is a manual kind. That way all the brushing power rests on your hands. If you go for the normal vacuum brush, think of the size and weight of the brush head for easier pull and push.

Remember to consider how the vacuuming works to ensure it’s something seamless. Avoid the power brushes at all cost. It might be a favorite for some, but if not used correctly, it could damage your fake grass sending you back to the market. It could even disrupt the infill for the infill turf grass.

How can you maintain your fake grass while vacuuming it?

Most people switch from real grass to artificial ones because it is low maintenance; it does not need trimming, water, or even fertilization. However, that does not mean you leave it like that; you have to make sure that your fake grass is maintained to look good at all times.
Below are pointers on how to maintain it:

Ensure that it is clean

When accumulated on the fake grass, dirt, debris, and dust can make it look unappealing and very dull. To ensure that this does not happen, you can regularly remove litter using a broom or even a garden vacuum. Ensure that you don’t use a house vacuum to excessively suck and end up damaging the fake grass.

And to get rid of any remaining debris, it is essential to buy a hard brush so that moss does not grow on it. If you own pets, then cleaning by hand will be the best solution; for urine, it will quickly drain, but you may have to use a hose with other messes. If you have a dog, then hosing the fake grass daily will be a good idea to eliminate bad smells.

Brush it regularly

Apart from removing debris, ensure that you set aside some time to brush the grass. Use a brush with five-inch bristles and ensure it is made of synthetic materials so that it will not damage your grass. When brushing, avoid using too much pressure as it can make your lawn look uneven.

Rinse with warm water

Rinsing the fake grass regularly with warm water and soap helps get rid of the remaining residues. For those that own pets, be careful to clean after them when they make a mess. Rinse thoroughly with warm water so that your lawn can keep looking great, just like when it was installed.

Treat moss

Applying moss treatment on your fake grass once in a while is highly recommended. That way, you can prevent moss from growing and getting rid of any moss already there. Look for any weeds and pull them out as they can self-plant due to the dropping of seeds.

Final remarks

To conclude, yes, you can vacuum your fake grass as long as you are careful about the type of vacuum you are using. Get a vacuum made explicitly for artificial grass, or you can also opt for a garden vacuum depending on your garden’s size. As long as you maintain your grass, you will get to enjoy a good looking lawn.

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