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Are expensive vacuums worth it?

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Since the introduction of vacuum cleaners in the market, buying one has never been easy. Apart from deciding the type, brand, and more on the functionality, the pricing has a significant factor. It is always a confusing buying puzzle that most buyers never know how to solve. The big question that comes to mind is, are expensive vacuums worth it? If your budget doesn’t limit your options, you will have to deal with this question at one time.

At some point, your objective might be to buy the best vacuum you can get in the market. As the saying says ‘You Get What You Buy,’ getting it right can be challenging for anyone unless you understand the question. With the idea from consumerism, higher prices show better quality. But is this true? Let’s check out when you should consider an expensive vacuum cleaner, and when you should always invest a lot in a model. Read along!

When expensive vacuum cleaners are worth it

‘You get what you buy’ can be true at times. Some manufacturers use many resources to produce a product, and when it comes to pricing, it gets a high price. That means there are times when high vacuum cleaner prices denote quality or superiority over the cheap vacuum cleaners. Here are the reasons why expensive vacuum cleaners are worth it.

Higher Quality

As aforementioned, one of the many reasons why vacuum cleaners are expensive is the costly parts used in their build. As you can tell, high-quality parts cost more than less-quality materials. And you know what, the more high-quality parts a vacuum cleaner has, the higher the manufacturing cost.

That means, higher vacuum cleaner price can indicate better construction parts such as a robust and long-lasting motor. The use of high-quality parts can also translate to a vacuum cleaner with superior performance.

Features, attachments, and accessories

Some vacuum cleaners are so expensive that the inclusion of advanced and technological features, attachments, and accessories is designed for various cleaning needs. Some of the features included in those expensive vacuum cleaners are hand controls, automatic height adjustments, full-bin indicators, HEPA filters, digital display, LED lights, and more.

You may come across accessories and attachments in such models are crevice tools, pet hair removers, dusting brushes, useful cleaning heads, and more. Some vacuum cleaners might even transform from one orientation to the other. An example is an upright Dyson that transforms into a handheld vacuum.

Extended Durability

As aforementioned in the first point, expensive vacuum cleaners feature high-quality parts, which last longer and are more durable. That’s why one of the significant pros of buying an expensive vacuum cleaner over a cheap model is its durability. Besides this, you will find that high-end expensive vacuum cleaners come with a more extended warranty, something that lasts more than 5-years. That’s a reassurance to the buyer to get a costly vac knowing after the first 5-years of use, the manufacturer might take care of your investment at no cost.

Cleaning versatility

With high-quality construction and extra design features, an expensive vacuum cleaner can handle various floor types and maybe even the above-floor surfaces. An example is a vacuum cleaner with the ability to turn the brush roll on and off. Such a model can transition from vacuuming carpets to cleaning bare hardwood floors and vice versa.

The versatile models that can convert from one orientation or form to the other make cleaning smooth and seamless. An example is the expensive Dyson upright and stick series. They make excellent choices for a household requiring a variety of usable applications from a vacuum cleaner.

When expensive vacuum cleaners aren’t worth it

Although a vacuum cleaner’s high price might mean better performance, robustness, durability, and more, not all expensive vacs will perform as per the expectation.

Compromising Quality

High pricing doesn’t usually mean the vacuum cleaner has higher quality parts. Not all models give you high-quality cleaning services. The reason is, a high-quality part is a single ingredient for an effective vacuum cleaner. There is the design that plays the other part in the recipe. You can come across high-priced vacuum cleaners that deliver disappointing cleaning performance like the Kirby models. They are highly-priced but never make it to the top best vacuum cleaners list.

Expensive repairs or replacements

Like any other machine, a vacuum cleaner, cheap or expensive, will breakdown at some point. For the high-end expensive vacuum cleaners, the period can be quite long; it can even go to over eight years. Like most appliances, the performance struggles start once the warranty expires. At this point, you’re left to cater for the repairs and replacements. The huge disadvantage is, the costs could be relatively high considering you’re getting a high-quality part for the fixes and replacements.

Unnecessary features, accessories, and attachments

An expensive vacuum cleaner might come with extra features, accessories, and attachments that improved its robustness and versatility. However, they might not be necessary for your cleaning needs, or you might only need one, which you could have gotten from a less expensive model. The vacuum cleaner might also include all the features but not be as versatile as you imagined. It could be a carpet cleaner of various types only.

What to Check for Buying an Expensive Vacuum Cleaner

An expensive vacuum cleaner can be a plus or a minus, as shown above. However, you could make sure you’re fulfilling the saying, ‘You get what you buy’ by buying a worthy model. Here are the things to make sure your expensive vacuum cleaner is worth it.

Brand Reputation

Before you could spend your hard-earned money on an expensive vacuum cleaner, check the brand’s reputation. Customer reviews are the best place to start. If you’re familiar with the brand and the customer praises too, you can trust its pricing.


The construction of an expensive vacuum cleaner must feature high-quality parts and materials to give the unit a durable build. Check the product description to see what the manufacturer lists. If not listed, you can head to the customer reviews and check out the vacuum cleaner’s durability performance.

Features, accessories, and attachments included.

One thing that might be pushing you to buy an expensive vacuum cleaner is the need for a versatile model. Right? If that is the case, you will have to check the model’s features and the accessories and attachments included with the purchase. That way, you will be paying for something that can clean your floors and other above-floor surfaces.


The vacuum cleaner warranty tells you the amount of trust the manufacturers have with their quality—the more extended the warranty, the better. If the warranty is 5-years, the manufacturer will handle any repairs associated with craftsmanship that would happen inside this period at their cost.

Final Verdict!

Are expensive vacuum cleaners worth it? Of course, yes, but not all. You have to be sure you’re buying a genuinely expensive cleaner, a model that’s high-quality, high-performance, versatile, and durable. Besides this, the vac must be from a reputable brand offering a generous warranty. Check the innovation and technology features included before you can invest in it. One primary tool for determining if the vacuum cleaner is worth its high price is the customer review section. It’s best you go through it and know what the users are saying about the product.


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